Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me & My Sony Cyber-Shot HX9V ( Photo & 1080P Video samples )

Photo of a Hummingbird beside my front porch 

Photo of a Lizard at the pond close to my house

DSC00617headshotdefocus vibrance
Photo of my Niece that I took on a cloudy day but added vibrancy & background defocus  to the photo to make it stand out.




  1. Thanks for sharing these; I found them via your Amazon review. Must say, I'm not that impressed with the clarity and detail on your niece's face. (Pretty girl BTW!). A bit smudgy and smeary when I view it full size. I'm considering this camera but I don't know, I would love to be blown away by clarity but here, in outdoor lighting, the Sony falls short of what I would like to see. Not your fault, man! And maybe I'm being too picky, as your retouched niece pic looks awesome at regular web size. Thanks again.

  2. That might be because you're looking for DSLR quality from a point & shoot camera.


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